2015 NW Loop Fest, Lincoln City Cultural Center, October 18


Date: October 18, 20152015-nw-loop-fest-34

Time: 6:00 pm

What uses hardware, software, musicality and volume to create performance art? Live looping, like the kind that will envelop the Lincoln City Cultural Center. After gigs in Seattle and Portland, the NW Loopfest will bring six artists and seven hours of live looping to the center. The 2015 NW Loopfest is billed as a “performance art festival of technology.” Looping artists use hardware/software technologies to instantly record sound, and play it back, creating layers of sound that explore many genres of music and film. Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, “loopers” have expanded into every music genre and into performance art.

“What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology,” said festival manager Noah Peterson. “They are there for you to enjoy and appreciate. Support them, buy a recording or make a donation. We hope you’ll come on board and see how incredible looping is.”

Some of the featured festival artists, like Cindy Sawprano and Canzino, play traditional instruments while looping the outputs. Others expand the art form even further. MC Space Cadet, for example, has created an entirely new “instrument” that is played with the body – a kinetic-based, gestural, visual looping machine called the Holofunk.

Cost: Free – Donations accepted and split among artists and the Cultural Center.

Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NW U.S. 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367
(541) 994-9994